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The King Philip Basketball Association is a youth basketball organization serving the Plainville, Wrentham and Norfolk communities. The KPBA’s goal is to develop youth basketball players while focusing on skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, and player self-esteem, all while preparing players for the next level of competitive basketball to be played at the High School level.


2018 KPBA Fundraiser Update

​The players did a great job this year with the fundraiser.  There were 46 players that sold more then 25 calendars each!  The fundraiser allows us to keep the costs of the program low compared to other towns and sports programs so as many children as possible have the opportunity to participate.  The two winning teams that sold the most calendars and thus raised the most money for the program are;

*** The 6th Grade Girls A Team and the 5th Grade Boys A Team.  Congratulations to both teams and thanks for your efforts to help the program. ***


2018 KPBA Calendar Winners

Week 1

January 1, 2018: $250 Catherine O'Brien, West Roxbury, MA

January 2, 2018: $50 Karen Ricca, Norton,  MA

January 3, 2018: $50 Bill LaPlante, Plainville, MA

January 4, 2018: $50 Antonette Ackerman, Norfolk, MA

January 5, 2018: $50 Alan Butt, Revere, MA

January 6, 2018: $100 Helen Berry, Norton, MA

Week 2

January 7, 2018: $100, Wendy Loewen, Wrentham, MA

January 8, 2018: $25, Chrissy Parcels, East Taunton, MA

January 9, 2018: $50, O'Neil Family, Norfolk. MA

January 10, 2018: $50, Merlene Carloon, Plainville, MA

January 11, 2018: $50, Geeta McGrath, Wrentham, MA

January 12, 2018: $50, Rose Sawyer, Wrentham, MA

January 13, 2018: $100, Jeanine Fountain, Plainville, MA

posted 01/12/2015

"Mistakes are proof that you are trying" - Unknown 

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